Larry Kitchen is an artist who is known as both an illustrator, educator, and gallery painter. This website represents the many facets of his illustration work, from print projects to murals and it will also familiarize you with the landscape, wildlife, and historical narrative oil paintings that comprise Kitchen’s fine art.

Trading Up

This painting is shown at the East Texas Oil Museum as a tribute to John Laird, mailman in Kilgore, Tx., when forced to trade up to deliver the mail after the 1932 oil boom.



Letourneau Mural Installed with Larry Kitchen
LeTourneau University, Longview, Tx, Oil on canvas 7’x 17′

Sea Life

Fish Mural
Good Shepherd Hospital, Longview, Tx, Oil on canvas, 9′ x 15


Shreveport Bible Church, Shreveport, LA. Oil on Canvas, 8′ by 14′

“Great Art is about life, and this trip to Portage, Alaska was an opportunity to see life near the Arctic Circle. Painting there had it’s challenges, but the reward was a gift of seeing the World in a new way.”

Larry Kitchen, 2009