They’re coming!

IMG_5651They’re coming soon. School is about here and my summer adventure is drawing to a close. It was an action packed 3 months that included Germany, with a great show, and Galveston with my family. Time to get back to work at training young minds in the way of art. I love it still! The new semester will include art history, drawing and some painting. It must be one of the greatest jobs ever.


The red scooter


I saw this scooter in Berlin yesterday, and knew that I wanted to paint it. Here it is for your enjoyment!

3 wheel cafe

While visiting a Fair near Salzwedel, I saw this creative business vehicle. I love the fact that this man found a way to make his living with a simple 3 wheel vehicle. The technique is as follows:
1. Acrylic dark brown background
2. White pencil layout
3. Dark shadow and lines with oil
4. Paint color

I hope you enjoy.


Vastergotland Cover

Vastergotland Cover

This is an oil painting of the book I’m creating about a modern traveler that finds himself captured by an ancient steam powered civilization.

As my wife an I travel this summer through the West, I plan to be inspired by Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, Jackson Hole, and Steamboat Springs. Advertures ahead!

Spring Projects 2011

I have several projects rolling this Spring 2011. Always painting, my current 4 are 2 oil on canvas, and 2 digital photoshop pieces. One of the photoshops is actually 12 panels of an animatic for Paparao, a documentary feature, by Lucas Kitchen.

A man introduces his plan for the family's daughter

It will be about a terrible problem in India. Child slavery. Maybe we can make progress at stopping this plague.

Another project is called Vastergotland. I am doing this in conjunction with a storyboarding class that is working on gothic novels.

Urban Oilfield 1932

Urban oilfield¬†1932-1This is a series of images that show an oil painting technique I call ochre underpainting. The client supplied a black and white image from the 1932 oilboom of East Texas. I began with a wash of Liquin and yellow ochre over a wax pencil drawing which had to be spray with a coat of retouch varnish. That spray seals the drawing in prep. for the oil based wash. (Graphite pencil could be used) Then brown oil and turpinoid for the brown lines. Oil on canvas, 42″x47″¬† Continue reading “Urban Oilfield 1932”