Watercolor of Salzwedel, Germany

This was from a day behind the Iron Curtain in East Germany. The beautiful town of Salzwedel. It had all the charm I hope for in a small, German town. The cobblestone narrow streets, and timbered walls of the shops, some of which dated back to the sixteenth century. The old Monks church was in existence in the thirteenth century, and I will have a show there on Thursday. I sat in the city square and drew this with the clock tower in front of me. It was like I was in a dream.

Green Taxi, with a view

While walking in Berlin last weekend, I saw this great mode of transportation. Human powered taxi, with air. What a view! These businesses were not doing so well because of the pouring rain. This painting took most of the day, and what a fun day it was. With a red acrylic background and white pencil sketch, with oil paint to finish, it was a challenge. And one request: if you like seeing a painting a day from me hit the like button or respond so I can gauge who is following this. Thanks so much, and if anyone wants a painting of a fun vehicle, send me a sample photo. I might treat you to personal painting.

Orange Trailer, Tagged

I spotted this Vehicle business in Berlin, Germany and wanted to paint it. I have noticed a lot of Tagging on buildings, objects and vehicles. They may be frustrated typographic logo designers, that need to take a logo design class. Our graduates at Kilgore make part of their living designing type for paying customers. Anyway, here it is, and I hope you “LIKE” it?


3 wheel cafe

While visiting a Fair near Salzwedel, I saw this creative business vehicle. I love the fact that this man found a way to make his living with a simple 3 wheel vehicle. The technique is as follows:
1. Acrylic dark brown background
2. White pencil layout
3. Dark shadow and lines with oil
4. Paint color

I hope you enjoy.